There is no known effective treatment for Covid-19 and this includes herbal remedies. New information is constantly coming out, and profiteers are sure to find their way in with other, more reliable resources. Please use discretion, and be wary of anyone offering tried and true cures.

While there are not known treatments, there are plenty of practices and herbs to support a resilient body and spirit.

If you or a loved one are feeling Covid-like symptoms, talk to a trained herbalist at no cost. You’re not alone, and I’m not either. We are learning together. I’m taking part in multiple herbal cohorts to share case studies and results, as well as constantly researching and learning new information. I’m not a medical doctor, please take your symptoms seriously, and call your hospital help if feeling shortness of breath, confusion, blueish lips, or a pressure in your chest.


Knowledge is collective. I’m finding that turning off the news and getting thoughtful research and analysis beyond the reports of deaths, shines a light in dark days. It gives hope and moves us towards solutions as a globe, as a community and as an individual. Here’s a small, yet growing collection. The list will keep getting updated, so check in regularly.


Care packages are my jam! This one includes two tea blends to relax the body and uplift the heart, a 4 oz fire cider, a throat spray that soothes while also packing a strong anti-microbial punch, a desert herb steam, and a specially formulated flower essence “For These Times.”  These packages can be completely customized as well, and are provided at cost. Generally $50 for the above set. Send me a message and I’ll send you some care.


The immune system is not a singular organ in our body. It is highly influenced by the systems around it. Herbs aren’t a prescription, but exist as part of a holistic approach.


Here are some personal practices shown to increase immune function:

  • Good sleep is one of the best ways for the body to regenerate and stay healthy.
  • Stress, and anger, in particular can cause a drop in immune function.
  • Sugar has evidence-based data showing a drop in immune function for up to 4 hours after consumption. Limit alcohol consumption for the same reason.
  • The lymphatic system is connected immune function, so move your body, exercise, find your song and dance it out.



  • Vitamin D. There are different amounts being thrown around, but a safe bet would be at least 5000 IU a day.
  • Ginger. So much ginger. Eat it, drink it, use it in tincture formulas. Make some Fire Cider. Ginger seems to be cycling through grocery stores. If they don’t have it today, check in a day or two.
  • Marshmallow. This herb and others (licorice root too!) support healthy mucus membranes, the first place interaction between our body and the Covid-19 virus. The root or the leaf as an overnight cold infusion.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms. Reishi, Chaga and Turkey tail in particular for Immune function.
  • Immune herbs to theoretically support against a Covid-19 infection are: Astragulus (stop taking at first symptoms), Baical Skullcap (the Western strain Scutellaria lateriflora will not substitute), Elderberry (careful with auto-immune and stop usage at first symptoms).  These are all theoretical and have shown success in similar viruses.
  • Steams and Diffusers. Keep some good antiseptic herbs floating through the air and through your lungs. Consider a steam with some rosemary, thyme, lavender or chaparral. Keep some plants on low on the stove or in the slow cooker, throw them in the bath or shower (then step on them, feel them under your feet, breathe their healing vapors, feel their protection.

So many herbs, too many to list here can help regulate the body when we are stressed, depressed, not sleeping and drinking to compensate. Reach out if you are overwhelmed or don’t know where to start. You don’t have to go it alone.

Most people who come into contact with the Coronavirus will not need hospitalization. Herbal remedies have a long history of being used to support the body through cold and flu. Many people with mild cases of Covid-19 used Traditional Chinese Medicine and seemed to have shortened the duration of symptoms. Western herbs have the same potential. Any experienced herbalist will give you more than just Elderberry.

Reach out and let’s build a protocol together.

Blessings and in solidarity always.